recyclingbinMany are not aware expanded polystyrene (EPS foam) is recyclable – and is being recycled successfully by businesses and consumers throughout the United States. For people who live in the Omaha area, they can drop-off their EPS materials at our warehouse location in our specially marked bin and we’ll recycle it. We are in the process of developing several drop-off locations throughout the Omaha area, as well as working with local corporations as well as other recyclers to recycle even more EPS at our facility.

If you do not live in the Omaha area, there are many places throughout the US that you can also drop off your EPS foam coolers as well. Or you can mail your EPS foam items to us and we’ll recycle it. We are one of only 30 EPS Foam Mail-Back sites in the United States, and we take pride in that fact.

We continue to invest in and seek out innovative ways to improve our production methods, increase energy efficiencies, and reduce waste. Plastilite recycles 100% of our EPS Foam, so none of it ever sees a landfill. We also use clean burning, and domestically provided, natural gas to fuel the boilers in our manufacturing systems. We also recapture and recycle the water used in our steam molding process, which significantly reduces our consumption.

Click Here to download our EPS Sustainability information sheet.

For information on recent industry recycling rates Click Here for the 2016 EPS Recycling Rate Report


Based on data received from EPS manufacturers and independent recyclers in the U.S., more than 125 million pounds of EPS was recycled during calendar year 2013. This figure includes 72.8 million pounds of post-commercial and post-consumer packaging and 54.5 million pounds of post-industrial recovery.

The EPS packaging recycling rate percentage continues to grow steadily, showing a dependable track record to deliver consistent results. In fact, when comparing rigid, durable polystyrene (PS) and other grade materials, EPS post-consumer and post-commercial recycling represent 34% of all post-use polystyrene recycled in the U.S. and is one of the highest within the plastics family.


Corrugated cardboard boxes supplied to Plastilite as a component in our packaging, or used internally to ship our products, is generally made up of 40% or greater recycled fiber.

The ControliQ gel ice packs manufactured by Plastilite are non-toxic, and are often reusable.

Our ControliQ THERMALAST bags help to extend shipping life of perishable materials, therefore reducing the need for airborne shipments, and often the shipping weight of ice.

Our EQUINE AND SWINE INSEMINATION shippers greatly reduce the need to actually transport livestock for the purpose of reproduction.


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