Introducing rebelFIN

rebelFIN_2 Color LBWe are best known for our minnow buckets as well as its bait containers, bobbers and floats. Having been in the fishing business for nearly 50 years, we are synonymous with quality.

To better serve our customers and the public, we are rebranding our fishing line under the name rebelFIN. For more information, visit the rebelFIN website.

R&R Recreation Picnic Coolers By Plastilite

The ultimate “Fun on the Go” product, all of our coolers are lightweight, durable and come with molded, rope or hard plastic handles. Perfect for that tailgate party, or the trip to the beach, or any impromptu gathering of friends.

Our coolers come in different quantities, but are usually packed in display ready boxes of 12. Our coolers stand out from everyone else, as ours has a blue lid and white bottom, and also ask us about our exclusive use of colors to customize a solution for your stores with your local professional or college sports teams.

R&R Recreation Products

24pack cooler quickchill gelicebricks poolnoodles

Our full line of EPS foam coolers will fit any need. From our six-pack cooler, all the way up to our 36-pack cooler, we have seven different sizes, one that will fit any occasion. We can also add logos to them, as well as offer them in team colors.

Quick Chill is the brand new, all natural ice enhancer. Just sprinkle Quick Chill on ice in a cooler, and it will get the cooler up to 15° colder, and will keep the cooler colder, longer. Visit for more info.
 Our new line of retail gel packs and ice bricks come from our industrial side. They are build for use after use, and aren’t as messy as ice. Our gel packs come in three sizes, which will fit any lunchbox or cooler. Or ice bricks come in two sizes, and fit any lunchbox or cooler too.
Always a hit at the beach or pool, we carry this summertime must have: Pool Noodles. Ask us about our special bulk pricing.


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